Five reasons I write on LinkedIn (and a Call to Action)

I’ve been reading about both the purpose of content marketing and the best ways to engage people on LinkedIn. Following are goals that might apply to you, and examples from my own work as illustration.

1. State clearly Why You Do What You Do. This is from Marc W. Halpert, a LinkedIn evangelist, and it helps me focus on what I want to say. Clutter falls away and my message becomes clear. I Do What I Do because I get great satisfaction from helping people communicate their ideas clearly and concisely in writing.
2. Tell your readers what problem you solve. In my case, if you don’t have time to write, or you don’t like to write, I will do it for you.
3. Build relationships. Help people out when you aren’t getting paid for it. Be nice.
4. Provide excellent customer service. Offer your time generously. Address every issue. If your customer believes you have left a problem half-solved, that relationship is done.
5. What we do is important. We are serious about it. But I try to remember to take a deep breath – at least once a day – and enjoy the moment. It puts things in perspective. (That’s from me.)
6. Every content marketing blog should end with a clear Call To Action.

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Paul Steinmetz is the director of Community Relations and Public Affairs at Western Connecticut State University. He is also the principal of Writing Associates, offering writing services to businesses, organizations and individuals.

About Paul

I grew up in Marin County, California, and moved to Connecticut to join The News-Times, a community newspaper in Danbury where I eventually served as editor for 10 years. I joined Western Connecticut State University and ran the PR and development offices. I now serve as director of community relations and public affairs. I have four kids, all with the same wife, and now run Writing Associates, a consulting service that makes writing easier for my clients.