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You can write, but you don’t want to

I am proud of the fact that my parents were landscape architects. They worked together as partners, which mostly seemed to work out. From them I picked up a love of the backyard outdoors. I’m also pretty good with houseplants, but I can’t draw, I have no engineering skills, I […]

You can write

How to prepare for a crisis

How to prepare for a crisis

First, you get a phone call. A police officer is on the other end. She explains your son went head-over-heels off his bicycle and is in the hospital. He lost consciousness briefly and is beat up. His friend, with whom he was biking, is with him and will call soon. […]

Writing as pain and art

I would like to point out the obvious by saying we should use different writing styles for different assignments. A novel by a master will be more majestic than a press release or directions to assemble a bicycle. Here’s an example of a description of city light seen through a […]

Writing as pain

A fashionable writing lesson

While watching “What Not to Wear,” a reality TV show that helps women figure out how to dress more fashionably, the female host said that one contestant had the “boringest” wardrobe ever. My 15-year-old daughter asked, “Is that a real word?” My heart leapt with happiness. I lecture my kids […]

Deadline, thou art my muse

There are plenty of elements that comprise creativity, but sometimes the most important one is the inspiration created by a deadline. The professional writer’s gift is that we know that if we just sit down to write, we can push through and come up with something that is, at the […]


Why I write

I have promised myself I will start blogging again. For a while I was busy and even when I had time to write for myself, I spent it doing other things, like mowing the lawn. The lawn is looking good now and I have realized that even when I am […]