Why I write

I have promised myself I will start blogging again. For a while I was busy and even when I had time to write for myself, I spent it doing other things, like mowing the lawn.

The lawn is looking good now and I have realized that even when I am consumed with work, I can still write down my thoughts and hone my skills.

WritingYou might reasonably question whether there is a need for another voice about writing. My excuse is this: Writing remains an important way to communicate, especially for businesses and other organizations. On a website or a blog, you can tell your story and sell your product to a potential customer you haven’t yet met. Customers have learned to educate themselves about their purchase options. They lurk online until they are satisfied they have enough information to make an informed decision. Your best opportunity to convince them to communicate back to you with a question or request is to let them know about you and your product.

Video is supposedly becoming the favored medium, but even videos need (or should have) a script in order to provide enough detail to be helpful.

My previous series of blogs covered a variety of issues. They were interesting and funny – some of the best work on LinkedIn. But a friend suggested I focus; I’m a writer, and I should concentrate on that.

So I will write about communicating through writing, its purpose and intent, and how it can serve all of us.

If you have questions or would like to suggest topics, email me at Paul@paulsteinmetz.com.

About Paul

I grew up in Marin County, California, and moved to Connecticut to join The News-Times, a community newspaper in Danbury where I eventually served as editor for 10 years. I joined Western Connecticut State University and ran the PR and development offices. I now serve as director of community relations and public affairs. I have four kids, all with the same wife, and now run Writing Associates, a consulting service that makes writing easier for my clients.